What’s the Difference Between Bongs and Dab Rigs?

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Wondering about bongs vs dab rigs? While bongs are often used for smoking marijuana, they can also be used to smoke tobacco and other herbal materials. Dab rigs are mainly just bongs that have been designed with a heating element at the bottom of the bong or water pipe so you can use it to smoke concentrates.

How Are Bongs Used?

Bongs are one of the oldest ways known to humankind for people to consume dry herbs. Long before vapes existed, bongs were considered an essential piece of smoking equipment whether you were using them for tobacco or cannabis. A bong is typically made out of glass, although there are certain types that are made out of plastic or other substances like bamboo in some parts of the world.

Bongs for sale consist of a bowl and stem attached to a large chamber where the smoke is filtered before you inhale it through a tube or hose. Water may or may not be placed in the bong’s chamber depending on what you plan to use your bong for and whether you want water filtration for certain substances like tobacco. The reason bongs are so popular is because they produce smoother, cooled hits that taste better than those from dry herb vaporizers.

How Are Dab Rigs Used?

Dab rigs are bongs with specific attachments designed to heat up concentrates such as waxes and oils enough to release fumes without catching them on fire. Traditional bongs cannot be used with concentrates because the heat needed to turn them into smoke will burn your product, ruining it. Dab rigs are bongs that have either been modified with heating attachments at the bottom of the bong or water pipe, or ones designed with a bowl specifically capable of housing concentrates.

Dab rigs can be made out of borosilicate glass like bongs, but they’re often made out of silicone due to its resistance to high temperatures and relatively low price compared to boro glass. Silicone can also take on different properties depending on what you infuse it with during the manufacturing process, which makes it perfect for dab rigs that need certain levels of flexibility or rigidity given their use—although boro glass bongs are still more popular because of their durability and resistance to shattering.

Dabbing is the act of smoking concentrates by placing them on a hot surface bong (heating element) and inhaling the fumes that result when they melt into vapor. The heating part can be done with something as simple as an oil or wax pen, but bongs provide the most reliable way to smoke your concentrate without ruining it due to poor heat management. Also, bongs release so much smoother than vaping which is great for people who want to take larger hits than they would normally be able to get away with on dry herb devices.

What Do You Use For Smoking Tobacco?

You’ll need either a bong or dab rig to smoke tobacco, but bongs are more popular because of their ability to produce smoother hits. In the past, bongs were only used for smoking cannabis due to their smoothness and build quality compared to dab rigs. But now bong manufacturers have been including heat management devices at the bottom of bongs so they can be used with concentrates instead of just dry herbs.

In terms of smoking tobacco in a bong, you’ll want a borosilicate glass bong that has a carb hole on the side. The carb hole is where you will place your finger when you need to release extra smoke from your bong while getting a hit since it cuts air flow temporarily until you remove your finger from it.

If you want a bong with a carb hole, silicone bongs are your best bet because they can be stretched open to accommodate for your finger when you need extra smoke in your bong while smoking tobacco. Just make sure the bong has a cylindrical chamber with a stem that curves downwards into a bowl at the end, and it will work just fine for tobacco.