Things You Must Consider before Facial

A facial is one of the beauty treatments that are pretty much liked by women. this can make the skin look fresher, healthier, and brighter. There are many types of treatments offered by salons, spas, and clinics. Each was created to overcome skin problems. Therefore it is important to know the condition of the skin before doing facials; you should consult with an expert doctor first.

Here we provide some tips on how a good and appropriate facial that fits your skin condition!

1. Dry skin

If you feel your skin dry, you can treat it by choosing treatments that can nourish and moisturize your skin more.

2. Pimples

Furthermore, if you feel your skin is more prone to breakouts and more sensitive, choose treatments that can help soothe reddishly.

3. Enlighten

Then if your skin is reddish, irritated, and the color is uneven, use cream that can moisturize and brighten your skin.

4. Anti-aging

If you feel you want to disguise fine lines and wrinkles on your skin, choose skincare that can make your skin look firmer. Use products that contain collagen and special massages.

5. Detox

if you feel that your skin looks duller, the treatment you should choose is the use of facial oils and products that contain special enzymes for mild exfoliation.

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