Street Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

From an academic lens, the sporting of assorted fashions has been seen as a type of fashion language, a mode of communication that produced varied fashion statements, utilizing a grammar of fashion. This is a perspective promoted within the work of influential French philosopher and semiotician Roland Barthes. Fashion could additionally be used to advertise a cause, corresponding to to advertise healthy behavior, to boost money for a cancer cure, or to lift cash for local charities such because the Juvenile Protective Association or a youngsters’s hospice.

As the convenor of the Ontario Textile Diversion Collaborative we brought together a number of stakeholders, every with unique challenges and perspectives, in a collective influence framework to handle textile waste diversion, reuse and recycling. Our work continues on a national level, working with attire brands, retailers, lecturers, NGOs, coverage makers, charities, sorters & graders, exporters, and municipalities to mobilize and …