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Odysseus was challenged by the Phaeacians to reveal his prowess as an athlete. In basic, Greek culture included both cultic sports, such as the Olympic Games honouring Zeus, and secular contests. Of the armed martial arts, archery was among the most important in the lives of Asian warriors from the Arabian to the Korean peninsulas. They had been required to shoot in quick succession at three small targets—each about 9 square inches positioned on 3-foot- (0.9-metre-) excessive poles 23 to 36 feet from the monitor and spaced at intervals of 235 to 295 ft (71.5 to 90 metres). Like the highly developed civilizations of which they’re a component, traditional Asian sports are historic and numerous.

“He kind of checks plenty of boxes that you would want by means of the next huge star in boxing,” Bidarian said. “And simply spending time with him and his family, it was clear that …